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Imagine being able to try delicacies from over 20 countries in one place. This is what is offered by the Hernani World Food Meeting, Munduko Janari Topaketa, which is organised every year by the multicultural association Amher.

This event has been organised since 2004 and, among other opportunities, it is the perfect place to:

Try food from around the world

Prepared by people from the countries of origin who come to the event from different continents, such as America, Europe and Africa. All of this without forgetting the flavours of Basque cuisine or Extremaduran cuisine, which is also very popular in Hernani.

Discover other cultures

Because food unites us and allows us to discover the history and origins behind it, we invite you not only to taste dishes from different origins, but also to take an interest in the customs of those countries.

Activities for children

So that they have the opportunity to learn about the cultures and traditions of other countries, from their protagonists and without having to leave Hernani.

Nested Portlets
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