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Edukia • Walks and routes in the countryside

Places become known for their people, their gastronomy and also their nature. Hernani has a vast natural wealth of great value spread across the length and breadth of its territory. There are truly impressive places to visit if you are a fan of the countryside and mountain trails.

We can start by mentioning the Urumea Valley itself, which consists of mountains from which you can observe all its beauty, megalithic stations of great value, the course of the river that gives its name to the valley, as well as the main towns it flows through: Hernani, Ereñotzu, Arano and Goizueta.

It is also important to point out that Hernani is the entry point to the Aiako Harria Natural Park. This Natural Park covers an area of approximately 6,913 hectares, 481 of which belong to Hernani Town Council.

Within the municipal boundaries there are archaeological remains, mainly megalithic monuments related to the pastoral culture of our ancestors, which you will find in places like Akola, lgoin and Saratzeta.

Since it covers a large geographical area and offers a wide range of options, both in Hernani and its surrounding area, the Town Council, together with the Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi (Aranzadi Science Society) and Hernani’s Mendiriz Mendi mountaineering association, have created a network of hiking trails which people can use to discover the nature, history and culture of the area.

The network consists of a total of 10 trails that run through different parts of Hernani, and an eleventh trail, in this case educational, especially designed for children aged 6 to 12, Laiaren Ibilbidea.

Below you can discover the characteristics of each of them, their distance in kilometres, the most interesting points and their level of difficulty: