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Thursday market

Market in Urbieta kalea every Thursday

The weekly market is an absolute must, whether you live in Hernani or are just passing through. Local markets are always an excellent option for getting to know the local people and their way of interacting with each other.

You will inevitably find one in this town which is committed to local production and to offering quality food to its inhabitants and visitors.

Although Hernani’s shops have a good daily offering of different products, on Thursdays one of the most special events of the week takes place, along Calle Urbieta. From 8am to 1pm, this tree-lined street hosts a variety of stalls where you can buy fresh, seasonal produce such as vegetables, fruit, cheese, cold cuts, meat and sweet treats to fill your fridge.

You can also buy clothes and accessories, as well as personal products, haberdashery, costume jewellery and household goods.

Of course, there is no shortage of flower and plant stalls, offering you the chance to discover some of the flora and buy seedlings and cuttings to create your own vegetable garden.

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