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Other sports facilities

Hernani has leisure and recreational areas to revitalise the body and mind through sport. It has green and open-air spaces designed for people of different ages and tastes.

Our aim is to offer both residents and visitors to Hernani the option to take part in a wide variety of sports.

In addition to those already mentioned in other sections, Hernani offers you the following sports facilities:

  • Athletics track.
  • Open and free pelota courts in different neighbourhoods around the town.
  • Outdoor sporting facilities, including both football pitches and basketball courts.
  • Skate Park.
  • Tennis court.
  • Indoor municipal swimming pool and sports centre.
  • Various traditional bowling greens.
  • Outdoor sports areas, especially suitable for senior citizens.

In short, the town has a wide variety of areas and options where people can get some exercise or practise a wide range of sports.

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