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Although it is true that the local festivities are celebrated on the occasion of the festivity of San Juan, Hernani is large enough so that each of its neighborhoods has its own personality and, with it, the celebration of its own festivities.

  • Osinaga festivities
    First weekend of June
  • Etxeberri festivities
    Feast of Pentecost
  • Ereñotzu festivities
    June 13, the feast of San Antonio
  • Martindegi festivities
    July 7, San Fermín festival
  • Old Town festivities
    July 16, festival of El Carmen
  • Santa Barbara festivities
    July 31, the feast of San Ignacio
  • El Puerto festivities
    End of August, festival of San Juan Txiki
  • Latsunbe Berri festivities
    First weekend of September
  • Zikuñaga festivities
    Weekend of September 8
  • Karabele festivities
    Around September 20
  • Lizeaga festivities
    First week of october
  • Zelabide festivities
    First weekend of October
  • Txantilla festivities
    Last weekend of October