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Hernani is a town committed to sustainability, the environment and food sovereignty. That is why it places such emphasis on supporting the people who produce or manufacture produce in the territory.

Produce that comes from the nearby vegetable gardens, farms and livestock farms, as well as from people who are dedicated to the artisan production of sweet products and other foods that we consume on a daily basis.

That is why you will always find this type of product at the town’s local markets, allowing you to discover our seasonal produce.

Moreover, people who are committed to responsible consumption can buy the products of Henase, the Hernani agriculture and livestock association, at the Herrilur shop. As well as wanting to bring local production closer to the public and take a step towards food sovereignty, the purpose behind this non-profit shop is also to promote local agroecology and thus provide a solution to the problems of the primary sector.

These are some of the events not to be missed if you want to discover the local produce: