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Edukia • Gastronomic festivals

In Hernani you will always have the option of enjoying our authentic local gastronomy, thanks to the gastronomic festivals held throughout the year and which fill the streets with a festive atmosphere and a variety of flavours.

However, if you want to really get to know the traditions related to some of our best local products, you need to experience our main gastronomic festivals from the inside.

These events are repeated year after year and the fact that they are so well established is proof of the interest they attract, among both the local public and visitors. These traditions bring together cooking, culture and sport, among other disciplines.

Of course, cider is the main star of these gastronomic festivals, due to its importance in the territory, but other gastronomic events are also held, which are gaining in prominence and attended by a large number of people.

This is the boost a town needs to innovate and create products that show the quality and level of the local culinary art. It is a way of attracting people who love gastronomy and have a good palate. These are the gastronomic festivals not to be missed:

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Txartelak • Gastronomic festivals