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Hernani and cider always go hand-in-hand. But this is not the only gastronomic speciality you can find when you visit us, because the options are very varied.

Committed to product quality

And not only is there variety, there is also quality, especially when we are talking about establishments that are 100% committed to maintaining the know-how of previous generations, improving it and continuing to offer dishes that are well worth a try.

These establishments form part of the Club Euskadi Gastronomika and are characterised by their quality, high standards and commitment to the environment and the culinary culture of our land.

More information

Hernani has 11 food establishments on this list:

  • Akarregi (cider bar)
  • Altzueta (cider bar)
  • Aralar (pintxo bar)
  • Fagollaga (restaurant)
  • Iparragirre (cider bar)
  • Iturralde (restaurant)
  • Itxas-buru (cider bar)
  • Otsua-enea (cider bar)
  • Sansonategi (restaurant)
  • Tripontzi (restaurant)
  • Zelaia (cider bar)