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Chillida Leku Museum

Where nature and sculpture go hand in hand

There are no words to describe one of the most important museums in Euskal Herria. A space in which to walk while enjoying the work of the famous Basque sculptor, Eduardo Chillida, who chose Hernani as the main venue where you can visit some of his most significant works.

Works that blend in with nature, as if they had been created for this purpose. This makes Chillida Leku a great work of art in itself. This open-air museum is divided into 3 areas:

The garden

where we find over 40 works by the Basque artist across its 11 hectares, as well as being a space that holds concerts, plays and dance exhibitions.

The Zabalaga farmhouse

Refurbished at the request of Eduardo Chillida himself, the farmhouse maintains its traditional façade and the inside is home to more small pieces by the artist.

The archive and library

In order to be able to continue studying his work, the archive houses the artist’s documentary legacy, while the library contains the artist’s documents, mainly related to his many appearances in the media.

Nested Portlets