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After the festival of Santa Ageda, Hernani turns its full attention on Carnival, with different events related to this pagan festival that, among other things, stands out for being the moment when the famous Azeri dantza (fox dance), one of the most traditional Basque dances of the town, began to be performed.

The following events are held as part of this festival:


Organised by the Elur Txori society, the Caldereros festival heralds the arrival of the carnival. This is why it is always held on the Saturday following the La Candelaria festival. On that day, a group of people dressed up as boiler makers and gypsies parade through the streets of the centre of Hernani, singing their traditional songs while banging their frying pans with hammers.

Inude eta Artzainak

Organised by Ikastola Urumea, the Inude eta Artzainak parade represents a real scene of yesteryear, where nannies or nursemaids (inudeak) took the babies of the lords and ladies for a walk and joined the shepherds (artzainak), who came out at the same time so that they could meet and establish relationships. These two characters are accompanied by others from that time, such as nurses, the curate, etc. This parade, with its dances and songs, is always held on the Sunday following the Caldereros festival.

Carnival concert

Every year, on the Sunday before carnival and in the arcade of the town hall, the Municipal Band puts on a special concert, in anticipation of the imminent arrival of the carnival.

Carnival festivities

Throughout Carnival weekend, the streets are decorated to welcome the people of Hernani and any visitors who want to experience this festival where people dress up any characters they wish to pay homage to in some way. There is no shortage of charangas in the streets, fancy dress parades and, of course, the traditional Azeri dantza dance.

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