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Nested Portlets
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Nested Portlets
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Behemendi organises this traditional market day in Hernani on the second Saturday of every month.

In Plaza Berria you will find the farmers, known locally as baserritarras, from the surrounding area, who sell seasonal produce directly. This is undoubtedly the perfect opportunity to discover our gastronomy in greater depth.

At this market you will also be able to find artisan products, especially sweet products, as well as other products such as artisan breads and other savoury delicacies.

Come and see first-hand the work of the people who help us continue to enjoy fresh, natural, organic and seasonal food.

These same people will also tell you about the origins and the best ways to make the most of, cook and taste the products they sell.

What is Behemendi?

Behemendi is the Association for the Rural Development of the Donostialdea-Bidasoa district. The Association is made up of representatives of the local councils in the district, representatives of trade unions, cooperatives and agricultural and livestock farming associations.

It has a total of twenty six members, of which thirteen are councils and thirteen are agricultural and rural organisations. The Association was created in 1993 to generate and organise rural agricultural services in the area to meet the needs of the rural population.

Nested Portlets