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Nested Applications

Edukia • Artisan pastries

Because nothing beats starting the day with traditional confectionery, finishing a meal with a delicious dessert made from traditional recipes or an afternoon snack with pastries and cakes from a bakery, in Hernani there is no shortage of options.

These bakeries have been delighting the palates of people of all ages for years and, in some cases, are now in their second generation running the shop where they sell their specialities.

These products are made with top quality raw materials, which are undoubtedly what make the difference in both the flavour and the texture of these sweet treats.

Discover some of our bakeries:

Nested Applications

Fitxak • Artisan pastries


Dorronsoro bakery

Lizeaga kalea, 4

943 33 36 18

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Esnal pastry shop

Ispizua kalea, 7

943 55 14 83

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Oa pastry shop

Andre kalea, 16

943 55 24 48

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Oretuz bread maker

Kale nagusia, 58

943 55 41 28

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