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Akola and Aparrain recreational areas

Two recreational areas in the heart of nature

The Akola and Aparrain recreational areas are located in the Ereñotzu neighbourhood of Hernani. Before we reach Fagollaga, there is a crossroads leading to Akola park. The road ends at the Larregain cider house and from there it is a pleasant walk to Akola.

The area has a fountain, tables and a small shelter. From there we can enjoy different trails and admire one of the most important megalithic stations in Gipuzkoa, within the Aiako Harria Natural Park.

The Aparrain recreational area is also located in the Aiako Harria Natural Park, in the Ugaldetxo area. It can be accessed from the two pathways that leave Ugaldetxo (GR-121 and PR GI-1001). It also has an area with tables where you can stop to recharge your batteries and a shelter, which is perfect if you are unexpectedly caught in the rain.